Customized Automated System for Brushing Aluminium Bars



An innovative and technologically advanced solution for brushing 200 mm to 310 mm aluminium bars, max.length 7,500 mm

This successfully completed Turnkey Project was the result of requirements set by our customer, Impol d.d, the leading manufacturer of aluminum and aluminum alloy products in Slovenia.

The proposed solution takes into account every requirement regarding space restrictions, transport optimization, the speed at which aluminum bars must be brushed, to prevent mistakes, the need to collect machine data more reliably, and workplace safety. Our brushing machine has been designed by the experts at SIJ Ravne Systems and is available with a range of customized options.

The operational system has four main elements:

  • Support roller on input-side
  • Brushing machine
  • Roller conveyor with support roller on output side
  • Filtering/suction unit for brushing machine.

Sistem scetk alu drogov en 02

General technical information:

  • Total weight of system: 4,5 t
  • Max. load capacity: 2 t
  • Installed power: 6 kW
  • Speed: 18 m/min

Our engineering know-how and excellent technical support for our customers guarantees innovative technologies, which perform higher productivity, safety and autonomous of operation.

Customized solutions:

  • For brushing, 200 mm to 310 mm aluminium bars, max.length 7,500 mm
  • Available space: 10 m x 4 m
  • Security of the entire process
  • Turnkey solution, from conceptual design to customized engineering and on-site installation.

Our sales approach is always customer-oriented. Our competitive edge, on which we continue to build our business, is our ability to offer customized solutions suitable for each customer.

Our main advantages:

  • A unique combination of metallurgical and engineering know-how
  • Ability to offer a wide range of products and services to the steel industry
  • Professionalism and flexibility, paired with outstanding standards of quality
  • The highest product quality as a result of tight integration into a vertical chain, from steelmaking to the final product
  • More than 70 years of experience in the steel producing and processing industry gives us the ability to offer technical solutions, tailored to customers’ needs.

Automated system for brushing aluminium bars - VIDEO


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