Customized Ladle Transfer Car



For improved efficiency of
the operation and long lifetime

With more than 70 years of experience in the steel producing Industry, gives us the ability to understand the design, safety and function necessary to manufacture ladle transfer car, which improves efficiency of the operation and stays operational for years to come. 

Complete service, from conceptual design to customized engineering solutions in all together four months. Result of project preparation stage were important modifications, tailored to buyer’s needs, such as on-line weighing system, both wheels driven, track cleaners and lever for emergency stop are just some of most important. The car body is welded by steel plate, there are four wheels which is installed under main beam on both side, moving on rail trucks. A set of driving device is installed on rear of car body.

General technical information:

  • Dimension (LxWxH): 8442 x 5175 x 3648 mm.
  • Distance between the axis: 6500 mm.
  • Load capacity: 170 t.
  • Drive system: two electric motors (each 18,5 kW), including gearbox and brake.
  • Speed: 20 m/min.
  • Total weight (before thermal insulation): 36 t.

Customized solutions:

  • An automatic on-line ladle weighing system.
  • Adjustable measuring range of on-line weighing system.
  • Folding platform for easier access to weighing cells.
  • The backrest for easier and safer placement of ladle into weighing Systems.
  • Flexible, high power drive capacity.
  • Emergency lever for disconnection of drive in case of electrical flow.
  • Track cleaners.
  • Bumpers and pulling lugs in case of electrical steam.

Overall performance of the project was achieved after installation on side and successful test run, which was the last milestone in a short 4.month timeline of the project.

Our sales approach is always customer oriented. Our competitive edge, on which we continue building our business, is our ability to offer customized solutions suitable for each customer.

Our main advantages:

  • A unique combination of metallurgical and engineering know how.
  • Ability to offer wide range of products and services for steel Industry.
  • The highest product quality as a result of tight integration into vertical chain, from steelmaking to final product.
  • More than 70 years of experience in the steel producing industry, gives us the ability to offer technical solutions, tailored to customer’s needs.


Ladle Transfer Car: From idea to realisation - VIDEO and PHOTOS


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