Customized Automated System for Bar Proccesing



Innovative and technologically advanced transport system for automated loading and unloading of rounds bars from 5 mm to 100 mm

Two separate systems are combined into one, which can be controlled by one operator, instead of two. Unique transport system is integrated with the grinding machine. With the help of control panel, the operator determines the diameter of the bars and the required quality of treatment, and the system automatically adjusts the parameters for required demands or entered data.

Our construction enables development of automated system for further interactions with cutting, turning, drilling, milling and other machines for mechanical treatment.

General technical information:

  • Allowed dimensional range of workpieces with bar diameter: 5 mm – 100 mm.
  • Maximum workpiece: length 5000 mm.
  • Max. load capacity: 2,5 t.
  • Total weight of transport system: 12 t.
  • Speed feeding 25 mm/s.

Our engineering know-how and excellent technical support for our customers guarantees innovative technologies, which perform higher productivity, safety and autonomous of operation.

Customized solutions:

  • Two separate systems for range of workpieces 5 mm – 100 mm combined into one.
  • Process automation can be managed not only by fixed instruments, but also by use of industrial mobile devices.
  • System has the ability to combine with on-line weighting, marking and measuring systems with the possibility for automatic interface with ERP to exchange the collected data.
  • Possibility for remote maintenance (online connection).

Our sales approach is always customer oriented. Our competitive edge, on which we continue building our business, is our ability to offer customized solutions suitable for each customer.

Our main advantages:

  • A unique combination of metallurgical and engineering know how.
  • Ability to offer wide range of products and services for steel Industry.
  • The highest product quality as a result of tight integration into vertical chain, from steelmaking to final product.
  • More than 70 years of experience in the steel producing and processing industry, gives us the ability to offer technical solutions, tailored to customer’s needs.

Automated System for Bar Proccesing - VIDEO


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