At SIJ Ravne Systems we offer maintenance services for industrial furnaces and equipment, radiators and fireplaces.

Our maintenance activities include:

  • service of burner equipment, power lines, valves and pressure regulators
  • service of gas radiators and fireplaces
  • control of system tightness and preparation of a report

A well-maintained and set gas furnace enables reliable, safe and economical operation of the heating system.

If you are interested in the maintenance of industrial gas furnaces call us or write to us. We will be happy to provide you with more information and arrange a meeting with you.


What does SIJ Ravne Systems offer?

  • The highest quality of services provided in the shortest response time.
  • Highly qualified staff (masters are regularly trained).
  • We are a trusted partner - many companies already trust our technical knowledge and experience.



Tomaž Grešovnik


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