Knives for granulating

Granulator knives for the recycling of reusable raw materials (PET, plastic, copper, aluminium, rubber, etc.) into granulate.

Product range:

  • rotor and stator knives,
  • fly and dead and bed blades,
  • pelletizer knives, etc.

We produce knives for granulator and extruder machines such as: Herbold, Amis Zerma, Previero, Tria, Cumberland, Guidetti, Folcieri, Profing, Wanner, STF, Piovan, Getecha, Alpine, Buss, Condux, Conair, Granutech, Nelmor, Pagani, Pallmann, Wortex, Retech, Blackfriars, NGR and others.

Ravne granulator knives are available in a wide range of different steels and hardness. They are custom manufactured for your specific requirements and waste materials thus improving the durability of the knives, optimising machine performance and lowering knife costs.

Having problems with lifetime, throughput or cracking?

Ask for DURALIFE V+ KNIVES – the next generation of granulator knives

  • up to three times longer life 
  • less regrinding and service costs
  • better throughput (productivity)
  • less vibration, dust and lower energy consumption
  • helicoil inserts

Having problems with the toughness of your knives? We have a solution!

RAVMAX KNIVES – greater hardness and better toughness

Designed to solve problems with tools for cold cutting - solutions for chipping/braking of knives or insufficient life of the blades, where high shock resistance is required.

What are the key benefits of Ravne knives?

Find out more about comparison of STANDARD KNIVES and RAVNE KNIVES in the attached leaflet.


Silvija Ošep

Product Manager