Knives for non-ferrous alloys

Used in rolling mills for non-ferrous materials, for slitting, side trimming, cut-to-length, shearing, and sawing of aluminium, copper, brass and other non-ferrous alloys.

Product range:

  • cut-to-lenght knives
  • rotary slitter knives,
  • rubber/polyurethane bonded spacers,
  • spacers,
  • split spacers,
  • profile blades,
  • scrap chopper knives,
  • shear cut knives,
  • rotary shear knives, etc.

Using Ravne knives we guarantee you will have clean cutting edges and tinsel- and burr-free cuts, as well as high precision for thin materials down to 0.2 mm thickness.

As we are a tool steel producer and have extensive application experience we are ableto help you find the most suitable quality for your cutting process, which is reflected in the durability of the knives, increased machine uptime, lower energy consumption and enhanced machine output. We help you to optimize your production process, reduce downtime and lower your tool costs. 


Product Manager


Knives for METAL INDUSTRY — pdf (3.1 MB)