Knives for metal scrap recycling and demolition

Knives are used in the recycling of a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous steels and cast iron.

Product range:

  • scrap shear knives,
  • alligator shears,
  • baler shears,
  • demolition shears,
  • guide knives,
  • shim plates,
  • wear plates,
  • scrap chopper knives,
  • rotary shredders and granulators,
  • knives for stationary and mobile shears, etc.

We produce knives for all scrap machine brands such as: Leford, Lindemann, Taurus, LaBounty, Bonfiglioli, Harris, Canton, Copex, Arden Equipments, Schaeffer, Hydromec, H and K, Dusley, Lolini, MAC, Mosley, NPK, Selco, Vezzani, Moros, Acros, Cosmo, Louritex, Vibra – Ram, Thommen, Leimbach, CMI, and others.

If we know the purpose of your application we can offer the most suitable quality to avoid chipping, cracking and plastic deformation problems, thus improving the durability of knives, optimising machine performance and lowering knife costs.


Product Manager


Knives for METAL INDUSTRY — pdf (3.1 MB)