Social responsibility

The company is aware that our operations, which are geared towards creating good operating results, will also affect the social environment in which we operate.

Our efforts are calibrated to economic development and improved quality of life in the local community, care for the health of our employees and their safety at work. We build long-term relationships with our business partners and manufacture products in ways that are as least environmentally damaging as possible.

Responsibility to the local community

We provide assistance to local communities by financially supporting projects in which we believe. By acting responsibly we preserve and create new jobs, and in this way contribute to the sustainable development of the environment in which we operate.

Responsibility to our employees

Employees are our greatest value. All our goals are subordinated to caring for the health and safety of our employees. We offer our employees the opportunity for personal development and career progression; they also have free access to the nearby sports facilities and their children have free membership in most nearby sports clubs.

Responsibility to our business partners

All our efforts are focused on the desire to cater to our customers and find the most suitable solution to their problems. Through our work we respect valid rules and regulations. By careful examination of our products we ensure their safe use. We offer our customers fast service and joint development.

Responsibility to the environment in which we operate

The company follows environmental standards and regulations. In our work, we try to ensure that our activities do not cause negative effects to the environment. A number of energy-saving and ecological measures strive toward a clean environment. The company has set up a separate waste collection system.

Our responsibility to all our shareholders is our competitive advantage and at the same time an important link in the further development of the company.